Chula Vista Barbershop

If you’ve been searching for the ultimate barbershop experience in Chula Vista, your search is over. Moose’s Barbershop is the place to be. Here, haircuts are considered more than just grooming; they’re a time-honored tradition that has been passed down through generations, resulting in a ritual that all men have to go through at least once. With a friendly atmosphere and experienced barbers that love what they do, Moose’s Barbershop is the perfect place to get a classic cut, a beard trim, or the full barbershop experience, making it the to-go place when you’re looking for a serious Chula Vista barbershop.

We at Moose’s pride ourselves on our commitment to tradition and simplicity. We offer classic and contemporary cuts with no frills and gimmicks to honor the classic barbershop ambiance. Our barbers are experienced, professionally trained, and understand exactly what customers are looking for when they come to the best barbershop in Chula Vista.

Whether you’re looking for a sharp, classic cut, an on-trend style, a modern twist on an old classic, or a simple trim, our team has the expertise, knowledge, and talent to craft the perfect look for you. Our talented barbers are passionate about their timeless craft and take great pride in what they do, ensuring that customers leave with a look that will turn heads wherever they go.

While Chula Vista’s finest know us for our best-selling package, the Shay Moose, our barbershop offers a wide range of services for hair, beard, and both, each guaranteed to give you the classic barbershop experience, a fresh new look, and time for relaxation. Our barbers are friendly and knowledgeable and can either give you a haircut that perfectly complements your facial structure and lifestyle or can listen to your suggestions, giving you exactly the kind of style you desire. They will also provide you with the best tricks and tips to keep your haircut and beard looking their best for weeks after you visit, arming you with all the knowledge you need to look your absolute best.


For those seeking a fresh new look, we offer three distinct packages:

• The Moose Special: Ideal for those who want a timeless, no-nonsense style.
• Custom Cut: Perfect for those with a more intricate style in mind, such as skin fades, lineups, and mohawks.
• Lil Moose: A basic haircut for children 10 years old and younger, a great way to introduce them to the time-honored tradition of the barbershop.


At Spruce Moose, we offer two services for beards: Beard Trim and Spruce Moose. Our Beard Trim service is perfect for those who have a signature beard and simply want to keep it looking neat and tidy. Our Spruce Moose service is an old-fashioned straight razor shave that will leave your skin feeling smooth and your look sharp. Get the perfect shave and trim with Spruce Moose!

Full Service

Shay Moose: For the ultimate barbershop experience, look no further than the Shay Moose. Our full-service experience includes shampooing, a classic men’s haircut, a hot towel service, and a straight razor shave, all of which come together to create an unparalleled experience that has earned us the title of the best barbershop in Chula Vista.

Moose Daddy: If you’re looking for a similar experience but want to keep your beard intact, then the Moose Daddy is the perfect choice. Our services include shampooing, a classic haircut, and a hot towel treatment.